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Article: ADHD Children and Schedules

ADHD Children and Schedules

One of the corner stones of helping your child with ADHD is a consistent schedule and providing ample warning when a change to the schedule is coming.  


We currently have a schedule of tasks that must happen each morning and evening.  This consistency helps him get ready for the day and get ready for bed.  


Here is the schedule we use:    


6:30am - Wake Up and get dressed 

6:40am - Breakfast 

After Breakfast take Omega 3 and Vitamin Gummy

7:00am - Reading 

7:10am - Brush Teeth

7:10am-7:20am - Play with Legos (if time)

7:20am - Yoga 

7:30am - Walk to School 



Evening Schedule:


5:45pm - Eat Dinner 

After dinner take Omega 3


6:15pm - Family Game 

6:35pm - Brush Teeth

6:40pm Bath 

6:55pm - Night time Story 

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