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Our Story

Why did we start a company focused on children with ADHD?


Our son, Jenson, struggled throughout pre school with explosive outbursts. It got to the point that he was only able to be in pre school for half a day because he would have a blow up at some point after lunch. In kindergarten, he continued to struggle and we were encouraged to have him evaluated for behavioral and learning disabilities. When he was diagnosed with ADHD, we leaned in to learn about managing ADHD and these explosive episodes. We wanted to try everything we could before resorting to drugs.

Through trial, error and so much research, it became very clear to us how critical body health is to mental health. We began to focus on things we could control, such as diet and exercise, not only our son’s but our own as well. This was an all hands on deck moment for our family. As we were researching, we found extensive evidence that specific supplements could really benefit neurodivergent children, but we could not find a company that was focused on helping kids with ADHD, or even a company that provided the specific supplements tailored towards this demographic.

We ended up buying a number of supplements from various sources that we thought were best, but still felt like the resources available were lacking. After this experience, we knew there had to be a better solution. We had taken so much time and effort to explore this, and have been able to reap the rewards of a happy successful child. We want others to feel this success too! We saw an extreme change in Jenson’s behavior after 3 months (still some outbursts and setbacks but a big change compared to being sent home daily) once we made a shift in providing his body with the elements he was in desperate need of.

After a year, we are seeing him meet behavior expectations at school 99% of the time. This is why we started Mighty Minds. We want to help children with ADHD reach their potential through natural means. We will help with nutritional guidance, parent coaching, supplementation, and overall guidance on enabling your child to reach their potential.