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Article: Communicating with your Child's teacher when they have ADHD

Communicating with your Child's teacher when they have ADHD

In the classroom, the best thing you can do for your child is have an open line of communication with their teacher. 


Understanding how your child is doing at school and what activities caused them to struggle is important because it allows you to work on these activities at home.  This also gives you the opportunity to share with the teacher how you handle these struggles at home.  


Working with your child’s teacher should be collaborative.  Both of you are working together to create the best experience for your child.  


Don’t only use the parent teacher conference that happens a few times a year to communicate with the teacher.  If you stumble upon a method that works really well for your child send an email or message them on their classroom app.  


The important thing to understand is no one is perfect and your child will have tough days with the teacher.  But you must continue working with your child to help them through these obstacles and help the teacher provide the best environment for your child.  

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